Terms of Use


If you want to work in WisBig, you have to follow some terms and conditions and follow such rules.  Here are the rules to follow: 

• WisBig does not allow pornography.  If anyone uploads anything like this, his account will be banned immediately.  Pornography is a social evil.  Because of this, society nation, country will be destroyed.  That is why these cannot be posted.  - You can't talk about any kind of personal issue by mentioning someone on WisBig.  And personal attack cannot be done.  Personal Attack is a crime.  So WisBig will not do any criminal work.  So such work cannot be done.  

• If you say any kind of bad things against the country or if there is any problem due to this work, you have to take the responsibility If you are arrested for speaking against the country you and the government will have to solve it.  WisBig will not be held responsible for this.  Is WisBig does not allow copyrighted content.  Videos, pictures, posts that have the logo or watermark of different companies will not be allowed.  Those posts are very harmful.  But WisBig and wishcoin's post will be allowed.  In case of post, you can follow those whose account has been verified.  Ay WayBig does not allow Copy Paste post.  Posts that can be copied and pasted will be deleted.  If all the above rules are not followed, the account will be banned and no payment will be made.  Wi WisBig