Raising Leo

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Leo has a son. In the capital, in the cities,
In all his countries
Amusing lights, fun, sacrifices, odes.
Furry singers all start shouting:
“Jump, earth! jump in, water!
Leo has a son! " Indeed, who is not happy?

Meanwhile, when every beast revels in rapture,
The Lion King, like a clever beast, indulged in cares,
To whom should I give my child:
A mentor must be smart, learned, and gentle!
Which animal would be more capable of that?
It's no joke to guess soon.
The king, in indecision, ordered the council to be collected;

Assuring him in your favor,
I entrusted to choose him,
By a clear conscience, by my duty,
For his son, mentor * of the most worthy beast.
The Tiger stood up and said:
“War, war of kings makes great;
Your son, O sir, must be the fear of the light;
And so to form his young years
Only he is capable of beasts
Which of all, according to Leo, is more terrible and terrible. "

“And be careful, - the Bear added to that, -
So that he instructs the young Leo
To be able to manage your own courage ”.
Lisa cannot go against the opinion of the two;
However, she started wagging this way and that,
I noticed that the uncle should
Know and politics, be a cunning mind,
In short: what is herself.

For her, he and that gave their voice,
And all of them, although they did not name themselves,
But they clearly hinted
That there is no one to choose as uncles:
Tips and everywhere almost to this article.
“Am I allowed to say four words too? -
The dog finally gave its voice. -
Politics, there is no other effect of war,
So much noise, much evil.

But is the good tsar glorified by deceit and blood?
How will he make his subjects happy?
How will be their father? how will he assert his throne?
Here is the sacrament, here is the key to the high and holy
The science of good governance!
Who will give the prince the best instruction in her?
Nobody like the father himself. " The tiger looks crazy
Bear, others then, and Leo, from tenderness
Crying, he rushed to hug the Dog.

“Why,” he said, “haven't I been able to know you for a long time?
Oh good beast! I hand you
I am my happiness and my subjects;
Be a mentor to my son! I know,
How pernicious are flatterers: hide him from them,
Hide from me too - it is in your complete will. "
The dog from the king goes with the child in the field,
Nourishes, nurtures and teaches meanwhile.

The first lesson was that he is a Puppy, not a Lion,
And distantly related to him. Day after day goes by
A pet is no longer a child,
Already a mentor with him bypasses all countries,
Which were given to his father as an inheritance;
And Lion Cub for the first time recognized the violence of power,
Poverty of peoples, evil passions of animals:
The fox eats rabbits, and the wolf strangles the sheep,
The deer is crushed by the Bars; everywhere finally
The mighty are rich
The powerless grunt from them,
Bulls work without pay
And the Monkey is gilded.

The young lion trembles with anger.
“Mentor,” he said, “things like this
When do they come to the attention of the king?
Oh, how many disasters, how much evil! "
“How can they get there? - The dog answers. -
One crowd of lucky people surrounds him,
And they are not up to it; and those who are eaten
Do not speak".

And so our Little Lion, without further reflection
About what kindness and wisdom gives light,
And he became kind and clever; but there is no diva in this:
Example and experience are more useful than instructions.
He, growing up in a good school, received
Reason, wisdom, body strength;
However, he still did not know who he was;
But here's how the case itself revealed to him.

Once on the way, the Dog wanted
Take a rest and lay down under the shade of the trees.
Suddenly an angry Tiger jumped out, opened a terrible mouth
And straight to her - but Leo,
Covering it with yourself,
He flapped his tail, shook his shaggy head,
He roared - and the Tiger is already torn to pieces!
Then he runs in joy to the mentor
And yells: “I won! thank fate!
But was it I or not? .. Will you believe, father,
That at this moment, when your end was near,
I suddenly felt both the heat and strength of Leo;
I was definitely ... like a Leo! " - "You are for sure, Leo is, -
The mentor responded in tears. -
Get ready to hear the important message, my son:
From now on ... equality between us ended;
You are my king! Let's hurry back to the yard.
I have used everything that I could for your good;
But you ... the reason for my joy and sadness!
Forgive me, O sir, I involuntarily shed tears ...
I give my father to the fatherland,
And myself ... I'm losing my son! "