Facts about Ukraine

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The main feature of the country is fertile land, namely black soil, which allows the country to actively engage in agriculture in order to provide for itself and its neighbors. Ukraine is rich in natural resources. There is everything here, and the sea, and mountains, fields and forests, r

  1. One of the deepest metro stations is Arsenalna, which is located in Ukraine. 2. Ukraine is the largest European country. 3. The Ukrainian language took the 2nd place at the International language competition for melody.
    4. The Ukrainian hryvnia was recognized by the international financial bank as the most beautiful currency.
    5. The third most visited McDonald's is located in Ukraine, namely in Kiev.
    6. Ukrainians managed to develop the largest aircraft in the world, which has the name "An 225 Mriya".
    7.Ukraine chose to abandon the 3rd largest arsenal of nuclear weapons.
    8. The oldest map was found in Ukraine, in the village of Mesopotamia. 9.Ukrainian artist and poet Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko is famous for a huge number of monuments throughout the country.
    9.Ukrainian artist and poet Taras Grigorievich Shevchenko is famous for a huge number of monuments throughout the country.
    10. Trembita - a national Ukrainian treasure, is the longest musical instrument in the world.
    11.Three Hollywood actresses originally from Ukraine. These are Mila Kunis, Mila Jovovich and Olga Kurylenko.
    12. A quarter of all black soil reserves are located on the territory of Ukraine.
    13.In Ukraine in 2009 a boy was born. Who was given the name Yanukovych. So the parents wanted to support the deputy.
    14. The famous shod flea is in the museum of Ukraine. 15. Ukrainians are considered the fifth most drunken nation in the world.
    16. Approximately 77% of Ukrainians have never been abroad.
    17.In the Ukrainian language, most words begin with the letter P.
    18. The anthem of Ukraine consists of only 6 lines.
    19.In Ukraine, it is possible to solve 90% of crimes, while in Europe this figure reaches 30%.
    20. The cleanest launch vehicles are produced thanks to the Ukrainian "Yuzhmash"
    21. Pablo Picasso was inspired by the Ukrainian artist Yekaterina Belokur.
    22. Khreshchatyk Street, which is located in the Ukrainian city of Kiev, is the shortest.
    23.The geographical center of Europe is also located in Ukraine. 24. Ukraine is famous for its large reserves of manganese ore.
    25.The Kiev-Mohyla Academy, located on the territory of Ukraine, is considered the oldest educational institution.
    26.The longest cave in Ukraine is referred to as "Optimistic".
    27. The largest champagne glass was made by the inhabitants of Ukraine.
    28. Ukraine is in 4th place in terms of the number of residents with higher education.
    29. In Ukraine, near Nikopol, one can hear the "singing sands" - a phenomenon that is rare in life.
    30. One of the highest deserts is located in Ukraine and has the name "Aleshkovskaya".
    31. Ukrainian folk songs inspired a huge number of famous people from other countries.
    32. Several millennia ago, there was a Tyrolean culture on the territory of Ukraine.
    33. Princess Olga was considered the first woman in Ukraine. 34. Ukraine is a major grain producer.
    35.The first kerosene lamp was created in Lviv, which is located in Ukraine
    36.The number of symbols of this state includes: a mace, an official seal, a standard and a sign of the president.
    37 In the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv, there is a residential area called Saltovka, which is considered the largest.
    38. The monument to the garbage truck is located on the territory of Ukraine. He is the only one.
    39.The length of the longest trolleybus route in Ukraine is 86 kilometers.
    40. The Milky Way in Ukraine is called the Chumatsky Way. 41. Ukrainian language is the most spoken in Eastern Europe.
    42. Throughout the territory of this state, you can hear the surzhik.
    43. The Ukrainian population is quite politicized.
    44. The highest point of Ukraine is Mount Hoverla. 45. Almost 60% of the Ukrainian population is considered urban dwellers.
    46. ​​Ukrainians really like bacon. You cannot find it anywhere like in Ukraine.
    47. The well-known Sorochinskaya fair is still held in Ukraine.
    48. Kharkiv Svoboda Square in Ukraine is the largest European square.
    49. The longest city in Ukraine is Krivoy Rog. 50.The longest embankment in all of Europe is the one located in Ukraine, and more specifically in Dnepropetrovsk.
    51. Ukraine has 25 regions.
    52. The inhabitants of Ukraine are distinguished by religious tolerance.
    53. Every Ukrainian interprets the name of his country in his own way. 54. Ukrainians drink vodka.
    55. Residents of Ukraine prefer to eat a lot, because this can affect the fertility of the land.
    56. Historians suggest that Ukraine was formed at the expense of 30 nations.
    57. The Ukrainian commemorative coin is the heaviest in the world.
    58. Philip Orlyk created the first constitution of Ukraine.
    59. According to average estimates, every Ukrainian eats 18 kilograms of meat a year.
    60. Peter Sahaidachny is the most famous hetman of Ukraine.
    61. Ukraine is the country of the Cossacks.
    62. Ukrainians are representatives of the Cossack family.
    63. Residents of Ukraine on Easter paint eggs, which are called pysanka.
    64. The wedding ceremony in Ukraine begins after the matchmaking.
  2. 65. On the Ukrainian holiday of Ivan Kupala, all unmarried Ukrainian women jump over the fire and weave wreaths
    66. The capital of Ukraine is Kiev.
    67. Ukraine ranks 4th in the export of corn.
    68. Ukraine is considered a state with ancient traditions and history.
    69. Lviv, Ukraine, has the world's only seated Statue of Liberty.
    70. In the city of Lvov, Ukraine, there is a museum of chocolate.
    71. Ukrainian money with a face value of 200 hryvnia with the image of Lesya Ukrainka is the most original banknote in the world money competition.
    72. Ukraine is famous for its Cossacks and the Zaporozhye Sich.