Cigarettes Hot Sale tower entire body

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The Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online entire packaging

Liqun red-colored long mouth for the Wholesale Marlboro Cigarettes Online authenticity from the long mouth area Liqun gentle bag id

In selecting packaging as well as accessories, the actual trademark as well as bar container are imprinted on environment-friendly bottle of spray aluminum document with laser beam shade. The Cheap Newport 100s Cigarettes Online entire packaging is faint along with flashing laser beam font "Liqun" in order to contrast using the theme. The colour is primarily in comfortable red sculpt. The identification approach to the smoke carton is actually introduced the following:

First, laser beam holography anti-counterfeiting

Actual cigarettes: anti-counterfeiting as well as paper overprint precise, laser holographic anti-counterfeiting designs bright as well as clear, design stratification; "Three Warm Reflecting the actual Moon" about the left aspect of using miniature publishing anti-counterfeiting, positive observation from the left wind generator tower body "bright", the best side from the Cigarettes Hot Sale tower entire body "dark".

Fake cigarette: the actual counterfeit smoke laser holographic anti-counterfeiting design is dimly lit and without having light, and also the pattern isn't layered; Upon either aspect the "three warm reflecting the actual moon" had been dim.